24 Movie After 24 Series Finale?

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24 Movie After 24 Series Finale? – 24 movie is definitely in the works but no date has been pick for shooting to begin as yet. This evening, one of the most famous secret agents since James Bond said good bye for now.
We saw Jack Bauer one last time played by Kiefer Sutherland on the run from his enemies and former friends on the FOX channel.
But according to various media outlets this is not the end of Jack Bauer because a movie project is underway and the producers are longing to torment him on the big screen.

Executive producer Howard Gordon recently said:

“The current status of the movie is that Billy Ray has written a draft which Kiefer Sutherland has read, and we’re all working together on the second draft.I think Jack Bauer the character has got sufficiently broad and strong shoulders to carry a movie in this genre.”

So in about one or two years the film should hit theaters and it will contain that usual ultra-violence, torture, guilt ,suspense and romance that the fans like.

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