24 Finale:24 Series & 2010 Season Finale 24 TV Show On FOX

24 Finale:24 Series & 2010 Season Finale 24 TV Show On FOX – On the heels of the “Lost” finale, 24 will soon be celebrating the end of their series as well. Many have speculated that the show will likely end with Jack Bauer saving the entire world, instead of just the United States this time around. Apparently, that would be too easy to guess, and the writers have decided to head in a different direction. Fans are attempting to prepare themselves for the end of the series that has been around for eight seasons. The producers have not commented on whether the show will be a logical, easy to follow ending, or if the show will mirror the “Lost” finale, and will leave us with an ending that is open for interpretation.

The show will air at 8PM, and will wrap up one of the longest running scripted drama’s on national television.
What’s interesting is how it almost goes back to year one, where it’s not about saving the planet. It’s not about a nuclear bomb,” Kiefer Sutherland said, regarding the series finale that will soon be upon fans. “It’s not about any of these things. It becomes about two characters. It was much more moving than I had ever anticipated, and for the people that I know who have seen it, I think they felt the same way.”
It sound as if 24 will end in a fashion that will at least be similar to the ending of “Lost,” in the end, it will be about the characters, not about the storylines that kept us watching the shows throughout their runs.
The series’ ended with Jack Bauer.

24 Finale Review :

The series ended in a very predictable way with Taylor finally deciding to withdraw from the peace treaty signing she also planned to announce her resignation.
She teamed up with Chloe to give Jack enough time to get out of the country as the Russians and Americans are both after him.
Chloe and Jack ‘couple’ will remain one of the strength of this season, she was always there for him. It is somewhat unfortunate that these two never got together at some point, the chemistry seemed so real, that you could not help but root for them.
Jack Bauer through his parting words illustrated the deepness of this unique relationship :

“When you first came to CTU.” “I never thought it was going to be you that was going to cover my back all those years…. Thank you.”

Chloe also closed the chapter in a brilliant way, after taking fans on this journey, she said:

“Bring the drone back to the base. Whatever happened here didn’t happen.” “Shut it down.”

Another big twist from the 24 finale was Logan shooting himself, will he survive?

24 managed to end in pretty decent fashion, remaining faithful to its core. The writers managed to keep the initial idea intact while always innovating.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on 24 finale.

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