20/20 Rihanna ABC

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20/20 Rihanna ABC – Rihanna 20/20 Interview will air this evening,as you wait here is a preview of the chat where she revealed details of Chris Brown’s attack on her last February.The 21-year-old singer said:

“There was no person when I looked at him,He had no soul in his eyes. Just blank.That’s all I kept thinking the whole time, ‘When is it going to stop? When is it going to stop?’”

She talked about the aftermath of the event:

“I just said to him, ‘I can’t do this.’ I resented him.I always put the tough face on and try to, I can do anything face, and just try to play it off. But he knew.He kept asking me, ‘You hate me, don’t you? And I would lie and I would say, ‘No, no.’ And… I did hate him. Everything about him annoyed me.”

Rihanna also explained that she still cares for Chris:

“I don’t hate him at all.I actually love and care about him and I’m concerned about him doing well. I want him to do well — have a great career, have a great life, and grow up. Just take this as something that you had to go through to grow up and learn.”

That’s all we have for now on 20/20 Rihanna.

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