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‘Walking Dead’ Season 2 Finale Preview »

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This evening ‘Walking Dead’ season 2 finale which is entitled “Beside the Dying Fire” directed by Ernest Dickerson and written by duo Robert Kirkman & Glen Mazzara will air on AMC.

So what can we expect in the big finale after such an eventful season packed with gore, action and the death of several important characters?

Well, believe it or not “Better Angels” last week’s installment was child play compared to this forthcoming episode.

In “Better Angels” there was nothing but bloodshed – with the death of Shane who was planning to kill Rick after Lori told him that she had no idea who the father of her baby was.

We also watched Rick’s former best friend’s head blown into a million pieces after he became a walker.

So what did the writers cook up for tonight?

The Walker – hungry for human blood will be hunting Rick and Carl back to the Farm where they will be fighting for their lives.

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Larry King Lands New Daily Show On Ora »

Two years into his retirement Larry King has decided to get back back to what he loves the most – conducting interviews on live television.

King who worked on CNN’s Live With Larry King for 25 long years will be hosting his own daily show on the upcoming Ora.TV. – an internet television network that will be launched by the world’s richest man Carlos Slim.

The Mexican multi-billionaire tapped the veteran television personality along with former presidential candidate Jon Housman, who was once the president of digital journalism at Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation to head

The communications billionaire who made his impressive wealth in Latin America promises that will be providing viewers with a wide range of programs and will debut later this year.


Maria Shriver Not Coming Back To TV »

Now that she’s soon to be a free bird, Maria Shriver has been getting lots of offers from media types to return to her old job as a broadcaster.

However, Shriver now says she’s turning them down.

She may reconsider but she’s obviously waiting until the turmoil of her divorce has settled down. One can imagine the producers and executives and advertising people drooling at the mouth to snag Maria as a product.

She had a hot career in news and broadcasting before she married Arnold, but she tossed it away to take care of their children and be the first lady of California when Arnold became Governor.

Now that their marriage is over, Maria stands to haul in over $200 million of Arnold’s assets and make more if she writes a book.

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Julie Chen Casey Anthony Verdict Emotion »

The emotional verdict in the Casey Anthony murder trial has been felt and displayed by people in the media all over.

Of note was “The Talk” host Julie Chen who was seen very shaken after hearing the verdict. Chen was on the air and had to compose herself while trying to read the verdict. Her emotional disturbance was restrained but clearly visible. She even asked her co-hosts for assistance.

The video Julie Chen reading the verdict is online and she’s not the only broadcaster who is peeved.

Nancy Grace the lawyer turned television reporter spoke out emotionally about the verdict as well. Her tirade invoked an air that said “ Somewhere out there, the Devil is dancing tonight.”

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David “Puck” Rainey Arrested »

Old school MTV fans remember the show the “Real World” and one of the most colorful characters was a fellow named David “Puck” Rainey, who has been arrested on domestic violence charges.

Puck as fans know him was the rowdy fellow of that season’s “Real World”. He got into an argument like twice an episode. Fans thought he would get shot or beat up by the end of the series but his behavior was a ratings booster and the media jumped at every episode and chance to exploit it.

He brought in a new audience and new life into the series that had started dying off and he set the pattern for the wild type of behavior that followed not only in MTV but other venues where the ‘bad boy’ thing took hold.

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Mackenzie Phillips No Relapse TV Show? »

Mackenzie Phillips is stepping up another notch in her battle to help people with drug problems by reportedly getting her own certification as a drug and alcohol rehabilitation counselor, according to the TMZ site.

Phillips who is famous for her long time personal battle with substance abuse is about to get her certification and turn to a life of helping hand these people who are addicted can use.

Matter of fact or rumor, there might be a reality TV show in it called “No Relapse” that will focus on Phillips and her new career and adventures.

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Don Lapre Arrested »

It looks like the next time TV pitchman Don Lapre does a commercial about his latest get-rich-quick scheme he’ll be doing it from prison.

Lapre is now in police custody for failing to show up in court to address the charges that he’s defrauded more than 200,000 people of around $52 million. He’s looking at 41 counts of conspiracy, wire fraud, mail fraud, and promotional money laundering.

For some dumb reason with that many charges against him he decided not to show up in court and of course that meant a warrant was issued for his arrest.

He’s looking at fines and upwards of 25 years behind bars for starts and it’s a good bet that if he’s been really engaged in such activities there may be more hiding behind the curtain. He once ruled as the king of infomercials often showing off houses and cars and women while hawking his newest programs like real estate and vitamins.

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Charlie Sheen ‘Two and a Half Men’ Lawsuit Moves Forward »

Charlie Sheen is back in the news as he’s apparently lost round one in his battle with Warner Bros. that had fired him from his hit TV sitcom “Two and a Half Men’.

The court decided that Sheen couldn’t get a public court trial which is what Sheen wanted. He’s suing Warner Bros., for $100 million for firing him from his show. Sheen had hoped the judge would rule that the arbitration clause in his contract which basically says any disputes would be handled behind closed doors to be invalid, however the judge disagreed but the judge did allow the arbitrator of the contract to decide if the matter would be resolved in public or in private.

This allows Sheen and his lawyers to plead with the arbitrator to go for a public venue.

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Nichole Hiltz Drinking Problem »

More news comes out about Nichole Hiltz who stars in the show “In Plain Sight” regarding her detainment by police for suspicion of child neglect.

Hiltz, 32, had been boozing it up and actually called police in what is described as a very slurred speech and talking in gibberish last month on May 31. When the police showed up at the address they fond the blonde blitzed and apparently unable to take care of the child who was with her at the time. She had then been arrested on a possible child neglect charge.

The charge is a misdemeanor and her spokesperson says the entire incident is a misunderstanding. She didn’t remain in custody for long and was released.

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Nichole Hiltz Arrested »

Nichole Hiltz, the star of the “In Plain Sight” show was busted by police early Tuesday in Los Angeles on suspicion of child neglect.

Needless to say her child was taken into protective custody by the authorities. This all took place after cops had to show up at a residence, Hintz’ apartment in West Hollywood on a disturbance call.

The cops did their duty and made an assessment of the situation which led them to conclude that Hintz had a date with a jail cell. They arrested her and took the child into custody.

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